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The possibilities

A lot is possible in custom development. Read what we can do for you in custom design, app development, tag management or other specific needs that require development.

Custom design

Do you have an idea in your head but are you unable to realize it in Shopify's customizer? No problem, we can realize it for you!

App Development

The Shopify App Store offers all kinds of useful apps, but sometimes you just can't find what you are looking for. Then why not have your own app built? We make an app that does exactly what you want!

Tag management

Data is worth money. That is why Tag Management is crucial to run successful online marketing campaigns. With Tag Management we ensure that all your tags and pixels are placed on your website and that they accurately measure the behavior of the traffic on your website.

Have your own (private) app develop

Do you have a complex wish that you would like to see fulfilled? Please don't hesitate to send us a message with your wishes.

contact us *We work with a starting rate of 99,00 ex. VAT.

Examples of
custom development

Webshop Linking with (external) systems.

Do you want a link with your accounting, CRM system or that supplier you would like to work with, but cannot yet be found in our app? Let us know, we are happy to help you.

Custom user Experience

The experience of your customers on your webshop is crucial in having a successful webshop. Is there something you want a little different, but apps and themes don't offer? For example, with Custom User Experience we can realize that one adjustment on your product page.

Bugs fix

Is there a small error in your website or is a page not working optimally? We can ensure that everything works according to accessories.

Specific filters get coded

Would you like to make your search and filter functions on your webshop more user-friendly? Which can!



I need custom development. How does that work?

Are you looking for custom functions for your webshop in Shopify? We are happy to help you! Let us know exactly what you are looking for via the contact form.

Based on your wishes and preferences, we make an estimate of how much work this will entail. Based on this estimate, we will send you a quote (from 99,-).

Satisfied with the offer? If you agree, we will charge 50% in advance. As soon as we have fulfilled your wish, we will invoice the second 50%. Simple, right?

I only need one small adjustment. Can you help with that?

Of course we can help with that! We work with a starting rate of 99,-. A small adjustment is therefore possible from 99,-!

Do you need a small adjustment? Please let us know. We are happy to help you!


Let's chat

Let us know exactly what you want, so the developers can see what we can do for you.