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*Each supplier is assessed before it goes live



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Then register as a supplier and get access to your own dashboard.


What are the benefits for me as a supplier?

We integrate our suppliers into our app, which is visible in the Shopify App Store and Prestashop AddOn Store. Resellers can then import your products and link them to their Shopify or Prestashop webshop.

The moment a product from you is ordered on a webshop of one of the resellers, it will be immediately visible to you in the dashboard.

Besides that you can offer potential resellers to use our app to sell your products automatically, we also make sure that you are visible to all our current users.

We will send an email with information about you, as a new supplier, to our current users. You will also receive your own page on our website and in our app.

What is the Shopify Sync?

Do you already have a Shopify webshop? Then you can easily use our Shopify sync. This means that in a few clicks you can import the products you want to sell via GOGETTERS. And when a dropshipper sells a product of yours, an order will appear neatly in your Shopify dashboard. This way you only have to keep an eye on your Shopify dashboard and link your shop once. How easy do you want it to be!

What does it cost to join?

Nothing! We are happy to integrate you free of charge. You will only be charged if your products are ordered. So no cure, no pay!

The costs charged with an order amount to 5% excluding VAT of your sales price to the webshop (the purchase price for the webshop).

How do I get paid for my products?

As soon as a product or more products from you are ordered from a reseller, the reseller will immediately receive an e-mail that a product has been ordered and that it must be paid. The reseller pays via our app.

As soon as the reseller has paid, you as a supplier will receive an email from us that the ordered products have been paid for by the reseller. The address details of the end customer will be visible in your dashboard after the payment from the reseller, and you can start sending to the end customer asap.

You don't have to wait for payout. You will receive every transaction immediately. Every month we send a clear overview of all transactions that have taken place.

How can resellers import my products?

Our affiliated resellers can easily import the products you have uploaded to their webshop via our app.

Resellers can activate you as a supplier, and then gain access to the products you have uploaded.

Each product can be imported individually with a few clicks on the button. Resellers can activate multiple suppliers.

What requirements do I have to meet to become a supplier?

There are some conditions that we use to become a supplier in our app. These are always assessed in consultation. Broadly speaking, these conditions are as follows:

- The supplier must have sufficient stock of the products they upload.

- There must be sufficient margin on the products that the supplier uploads.

- The supplier must be able to ship the product or products within 24 hours after payment.

- The supplier must have a Mollie account.