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teamwork makes the
dream work


Founder & Consultant

Bob is not your usual consultant. He is calm, honest and happy to help you. He is also the brain behind the Shopify link. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly!


Creative Director

Bodine is the creative of the team. Her specialization is design and innovation. Her creativity combined with the team's programming skills create an astonishing end result.


Head developer

Bjorn is the hero behind our coupling and can automate almost anything! Bjorn and Bob call each other more often than a couple in love. Bjorn has 20+ years of experience in the e-commerce world.


Customer Support & Marketing Specialist

Ceder always answers customer questions quickly and neatly. He gets into his element when he develops advertising strategies. Every time you see GOGETTERS on the internet it's because of Cedar.


E-commerce manager / Junior Designer

Gaby makes sure everything runs smoothly. She also focuses on creating result-oriented designs for our customers. One product stores are her thing!


Web Designer / Frontend Developer

Oleksandr can turn your idea into reality. He works with Bodine to develop conversion-oriented themes. He has 10+ years of experience developing web shops in WooCommerce and Shopify.



When you start a webshop you want to have everything arranged asap. Thanks to this young entrepreneur, it is possible to arrange everything directly with us. Think of a domain name, e-mail address and hosting.