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Why drop shipping via China, if it can be done via Dutch suppliers?

Why drop shipping via China, if it can be done via Dutch suppliers?

Dropshipping. You see it a lot these days. It's easy, fast and you can just start from home. You buy products cheaply, you sell them for 6 to 7 times your purchase price, and just cash. This often happens through Chinese platforms such as AliExpress, where many products can be bought for a pittance. As soon as a customer places an order with you, you send it to AliExpress, which sends the order to your customer. Easy, right?  

Earning money simply, but does it really work like that? 

It's not as easy as it sounds. The internet is changing, consumers are changing and the demands of these consumers are getting higher and higher. Your customers want a high-quality product to be delivered quickly. If that doesn't happen, you can quickly receive negative reviews, run an overflowing customer service and in the worst case get questions from the general public, as with the series. #ANGRY from Tim Hofman happened.

Guarantees? You don't have one.

'How quickly can I deliver a product to my customer?' is a question that dropshippers will often ask themselves when they send their products to the customer via the billion-dollar company AliExpress. 'Ordered today, delivered tomorrow' is there certainly not in. Even with the 'Standard Shipping' method that AliExpress offers, the product is on the road for at least a week. 

The products are often not tested for safety and do not have European standards. It is also possible that your customer receives the product in an AliExpress packaging. Apart from the fact that the products are cheap and you could sell them with high margins, it also brings a lot of uncertainties and difficulties. 

Is there an alternative?

Dropshipping can also be done via Dutch suppliers. It works the same: you couples your webshop not to AliExpress, but to a Dutch wholesaler. The orders you receive are automatically forwarded to the wholesaler, who sends the order back to your customer. The products are always tested before they reach your customer's doormat.

The advantages? The order is usually delivered to your customer within one working day. He or she will receive a track & trace code from courier services that your customer is familiar with (PostNLDHLUPS). This way you and your customer always know where the order is at that moment. In addition, the Dutch wholesaler simply has customer service, where you can always go for the questions you have. 

Are you curious about how this works and do you want to know more about it? Please let us know via [email protected] or send a message via the 'Support' button at the bottom right of the page.


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