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9 reasons why no one buys anything on your webshop

9 reasons why no one buys anything on your webshop

You have ads running and you get quite a bit of traffic to your site but no one is buying anything. This is the frustration of many novice dropshippers. Why do visitors drop out without buying anything? Several answers are possible for this. Today we will discuss what you can do about web design to increase your conversion!

1. The website looks unreliable
If a website has too many bells and whistles, people are inclined to give up. Less is more! What also helps is to look at the largest Dutch web stores such as, Zalando and CoolBlue. These are all well-arranged web stores. By using similar colors to those of Bol, for example, you also gain the trust of the customer. The customer has visited Bol more often and trusts the site. Then if the customer is shopping on your site, the chances are much higher that the customer will trust it because it looks similar.

2. Excessive shipping costs
If you charge too high shipping costs, people will be inclined to drop out. Especially if the shipping costs are not listed on the site. What you can do better is calculate the shipping costs in the product price. Then you offer free shipping above an amount of X. People are more likely to order something if they have to pay little or no shipping costs.

3. The website is too slow
We all have less patience, so if a site loads longer than 3-4 seconds, we tend to drop out. A fast site is something that many people overlook, but is really super important! Because you can do, for example, reduce photos to make your website faster.

4. The customer must create an account
You want to order something quickly, but you first have to fill in all kinds of fields with information. Much more than relevant to actually ordering. As a result, you no longer feel like filling in all of this and so you quit. This is a shame, prefer to offer “checkout as a guest” and you will see that your conversion increases significantly!

5. The navigation through your webshop is not logical
If the layout of your online store does not make sense, people will get confused. This is certainly one reason why people leave your online store. If they can't find what they came for quickly, they will drop out. So make sure that everything is easy to find and that your webshop is organized.

6. Payment methods
Do you offer enough payment methods? In the Netherlands, almost everyone uses iDeal. If you offer iDeal you are generally in the right place. But also offers PayPal and credit card payments. You don't want to miss a single customer!

7. No data
Place your business data visible in the footer. This is also required by law. But this gives visitors more confidence in the webshop. It also helps to write a piece about the company to give even more confidence.

8. The product page
The product page is really the magic spot. A clear and convincing product description ensures that people make a purchase. Be transparent about, for example, delivery time and the like.  

9. Social proof
Social proof actually stands for trusting through reviews or experiences of other people. A good example of this is Influencer Marketing, for example. You can make use of social proof on your webshop by posting reviews from customers. If consumers read positive reviews from other consumers, this can really remove the barrier to ordering online. Are you not using social proof? Then it may just be that your visitors order from your competitor who does use social proof.

We ensure that a large part of the above is good for our customers. Would you like to know more about how we can help you? Take a look at our dropshipping packages.

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